General Golf Information

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Starting Time Policy

-  Prior to play, each member should schedule a starting time. This provides the staff with a schedule of play which will help us better service the membership.


-  Members can schedule starting times seven days in advance. Members may bring unlimited guests Tuesday – Friday and after 11:00 am on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Prior to 11:00 am on Saturday, Sunday and holidays guest play is limited to one guest per member within each tee time.


-  Guests are limited to five golfing visits April through October. Guests may play unlimited rounds of golf November through March.


-  Each member is responsible for registering in the golf shop prior to play.  Members who do not check in are subject to all fees charged to their account by the golf staff.

-  Jeans or denim, of any color or style, are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities at any time, in- or out-of-season.

-  Anyone late for his or her starting time will be rescheduled as soon as time is available.  It is not club policy to work the late group into normal play.


-  Non-playing spectators may be permitted from time to time during extremely slow playing times.  Prior permission is needed from the professional staff prior to arrival.  Please do not show up and expect permission to be granted. Spectators are responsible for their portion of the golf cart rental fee.  No more than two people will be permitted on one golf cart.

-  Speed of play is important to Rattlesnake Ridge. Always allow faster groups to play through. If an issue arises, please call the Golf Shop. As a reminder, single players and twosomes do not take precedence over threesomes and foursomes.

-  Fivesomes are not permitted without special permission being granted by the professional staff.  Times when fivesomes may be permitted will be reserved to extremely slow days, when there is no play scheduled behind the group requesting to play as a fivesome.


-  Proper golf etiquette is expected. Please respect the golf course and practice facilities. This includes fixing ball marks, replacing and sanding divots on the course and driving range, raking bunkers, and by always keeping carts on the cart path on all par 3 holes and around all tees and greens. Do not drive golf carts into the tall fescue grass.



-  All rounds should be posted. This includes 9-hole rounds and incomplete 9- and 18-hole rounds. In the event of picking up on a hole, post your most likely score. Pick up inside the length of the flag, strokes taken plus one. Pick up outside of the flag, on the green, strokes taken plus two. Pick up before reaching the green, strokes taken plus estimated strokes to finish the hole. The golf professional staff is available for assistance.


-  All scores must be entered into the handicap system, both home and away.  Make sure to adjust your score before entering it into the computer.  There is a maximum score you can take on any given hole depending on your handicap.  If you pick up on a hole, record the score you most likely would have had, but no more than your maximum listed below.


Handicap                                     Maximum Score on Any Hole

9 or less                                                       Double Bogey

10-19                                                                      7

20-29                                                                      8

30-39                                                                      9

40 or more                                                             10


-  For those who do not enter all scores or the correct score the professional staff reserves the right to enter a penalty score and ratings equal to the lowest handicap differential in the player’s scoring record. The professional staff also reserves the right to adjust handicaps as needed for tournament play.

-  Members must have an established USGA handicap to participate in club related golf events.


Tournament & Entry Fees


-  Tournament participants must have five (5)

18-hole rounds (same year) posted in GHIN system prior to participating in any club event.

-  Tournament fees will be charged to the members account.

-  Tournament prize money will be paid out in golf shop credits.

-  Golf shop credits earned before July 1 will expire on July 31. 
Credits earned on or after July 1 will expire October 31.

-  Skins games will be cash only and paid out in cash.



Pace of Play


- In accordance with the USGA Pace Rating System, a round of golf shall not exceed:  4 hours and 17 minutes (18-holes)

2 hours and 6 minutes (9-holes)


-Ready Golf” – Players are expected to be ready to hit their next shot, regardless of position.  “Ready Golf” encourages players to move on to the next tee before stopping to mark down scores, thereby making the green available to approaching players.


-  “Course Monitors” – During peak playing times, Rattlesnake Ridge Staff will be monitoring the golf course for proper pace of play and course etiquette. 


-  When needed, Course Monitors will enforce the following “Slow Play Policy”:


-  When a player or group is deemed to be behind the stated pace of play a Rattlesnake Ridge Course Monitor will assist in the following:

  • Issue a warning to the player or group.  The Course Monitor will stay with the group and assist in any way possible.
  • If the player or group does not improve their pace upon the completion of the next hole, the player or group will be moved to the proper location on the course.
  • If the player or group falls out of place again, the group will be issued a rain check to return during non-peak playing times.  (This request may not be denied).  Tee times for groups asked to leave due to slow play must be arranged by the professional staff.  Guest fees will not be returned.

To inquire about membership, please contact Derek Denlinger
by phone, 614-410-1313 x 823, or email